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Frequently Asked Questions

How will a managed service help our business?

Click’s managed IT service gives all the benefits of having inhouse IT without the overheads or problems around staff holidays or absence. Our helpdesk is open from 8:30 to 17:30 Monday to Friday with further options available for 24/7 clients. We offer a wide range of cloud services such as backup, disaster recovery, managed anti-virus, and Office 365 support and migration.

How does the managed service enable better collaboration and innovation within our organisation?

Quick, reliable IT services allow you to get on with running your business. We can offer services that allow you to work smart, wether through VoIP; making you telecoms flexible allowing you to quickly set up remote office, have an office phone at home, use your mobile as a work phone. Office 365 Sharepoint allow staff to quickly and securely store, share and collaborate on documents, on-the-go. We can set up on-premise or cloud based Remote Desktop Server allowing remote offices, home or field based staff full access to business applications and databases. We can tailor any solutions to match your business requirements.

What are the SLA’s provided by Click Networks?

Priority Level Response Times

Priority Level Response Time Onsite Resource (if needed) Fix Applied
A 15 Minutes 1 hr (Glasgow City) Within 1-4 hrs
B 15 Minutes 2-4 hrs (Glasgow City) Within 8 hrs
C 15 Minutes 1 day Within 8 hrs
R 15 Minutes 1 day Within 1 day


Business Critical Business Critical Non-Business Critical Non-Business Critical Request For Service
Fatal Impaired Fatal Impaired  


Fatal Total system inoperability
Impaired Partial system inoperability
Business Critical Unable to perform core business functions
Non-Business Critical Able to perform limited business functions

How much does it cost?

Each business has different requirements. Click Networks can provide a tailored made cost schedule to suits any business and their needs.

How quickly can you bring a customer onboard?

We would have an engineer at site to onboard and new customers as soon as a visit can be organised and handover from the incumbent IT support supplier has been provided. Onboarding times can vary with depending on business size, if there are multiple sites and remote works.

We currently support over 150 businesses with their IT solutions.

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